Our return to ‘Mitteleuropa’, or German-speaking Europe, this year showed a keen enthusiasm for Africa. We held our first-ever event in Switzerland and Zurich was certainly the highlight of the week. Our events in Cologne and Frankfurt delivered some new business potential with attendance by some excellent African operators. In 2014 we incorporated two cities in Austria and one in Germany on the roadshow, yet this year we found Switzerland a stronger market than Austria for African business. October has worked out to be a better time of year for our roadshow than June in 2014, albeit there is greater competition for buyers’ attention with other events. Most tour operators have already finished printing their brochures by late October. It is also a busier time of year for selling Africa as Europeans start to contemplate the long winter ahead of them. And for us Africans autumn is a beautiful time of year to travel!

We look forward to working again with our partner Travel Advance in this key source market for African tourism.




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